October 25th, 2017
Dr .Victor Lopez Jr, Dr. Richard Ma and their mentor Professor Patria A. Hume had the honor to present 3 analyses on US Rugby-7s. Professor Hume is also a 2017 SMA Keynote Presenter, and a former 2016 International Society of Biomechanics in Sport: Geoffrey Dyson Award Recipient.  They represented other seniors, Dr Robert C. Cantu and Dr. Answorth A. Allen, and other team members, and their sponsor the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment at the 2017 ASICS Sports Medicine Australia Conference.  These abstracts were published in the Federation and Conference Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (JSAMS). Dr Lopez et al. has been shortlisted for an award on the analyses of “Injury rates of U.S. rugby-7s an olympic collision sport: using a novel injury surveillance tool the r.i.s.e. report methodology.
The 2017 ASICS Sports Medicine Australia Conference is a multidisciplinary meeting held annually for professionals with an interest or a specialization in the prevention of lifestyle diseases through sports medicine, sports science, physical activity promotion and sports injury prevention. The Conference is interdisciplinary, and its purpose is to ‘to promote knowledge and practice the prevention of lifestyle diseases through sports science and sports medicine by providing an interactive educational forum of the highest standard so that the participation, performance and well-being of Australians engaged in sport and physical activity may be ultimately enhanced’.
Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) is a peak national multi-disciplinary member organization that provides leadership in the areas of sports medicine, and the healthy performance and participation of Australians in physical activity and sport. 
SMA is widely acknowledged internationally as a leading multi-disciplinary sports medicine body.
SMA can provide expert information, advice and commentary on a diverse range of issues. These range from government policy and funding for program and activities which lead to the prevention of chronic diseases, sports medicine and community activity through to sports health, health promotion, gender equity, participation of the aged in sport, safe sport for children, to drugs in sport problems.SMA plays an active role in educating professionals and community members about safe participation in sport, recreation and physical activity. At a community level this is achieved through the delivery of the Safer Sport Program which provides parents, officials, coaches, trainers, teachers and participants with essential training and educational resources.
SMA draws together all sports medicine, sports science and healthcare professionals. These groups include: orthopedic surgeons, physicians, doctors, physiotherapists, population health specialists, exercise physiologists, dietitians, academics, sports scientists, optometrists, dentists, podiatrists, psychologists, nurses, teachers and chiropractors.

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